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Controller Compatibility Guide

Controller Name Compatible With
Burn Controller All*
Evil Controllers Evil Sticks none
Hori Pad 360/PS3 products
Logitech Dual Action G-UF13A 360/PS3 products
Nintendo Gamecube Controller XB1 products
Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Switch Products
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Switch Products
Nintendo Wii U GamePad XB1 products
Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller XB1 products
PDP AfterGlow PS3 360/PS3 products
PDP AfterGlow Xbox 360 none
Power A Air Flo Controller PS3 360/PS3 products
Power A Batarang PS3 360/PS3 products
Power A Fusion Pro Controller none
PS3 DualShock 3 OEM 360/PS3 products
Razer Onza 360/PS3 products
Razer Onza TE 360/PS3 products
Razer Raiju none
Razer Sabertooth 360/PS3 products
Razer Wildcat none
Scuf Controller (concave) 360/PS3 products
Scuf Controller (domed) none
Steam Controller none
Wii Classic Controller none
Wii Nunchuk none
Wii U XB1 products
Xbox One Elite Controller (Concave) XB1 products
Xbox One Elite Controller (Domed) none


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