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Can I Use a Pre-Paid Gift Card?

You may use a pre-paid card, but there are steps that you will need to follow before attempting to place an order.

Unfortunately, credit cards produce authorizations (which put holds on the account) before they verify customer information. This is a very common issue, particularly with pre-paid credit cards. If the billing information (address and name) is not accurate, or in the case of pre-paid cards, the card is not registered, the transaction will not process, and the order will be declined.

Please contact the issuer in order to register the card (call Visa, Amex, etc.) with your name and a billing address. Once it is registered, please check to ensure the billing address you entered in your customer profile matches the billing address on your card account. The card will not process if these addresses do not validate, and this will cause your transaction to be declined. This is a very common issue with International or unique addresses and pre-paid cards.

If the order is declined, then the authorization will sit on the account for 3-8 business days until it processes as a failed order and will then simply fall off the account. This is when you will see the funds return to your available balance.

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