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How Do I Apply for Sponsorship?

Our community, FreekNation, is the life blood of our company. We're always looking for new, up-and-coming talent to join FreekNation and share their enthusiasm for KontrolFreek! 

We currently offer two types of partnership opportunities based on your specific interests, as outlined below. 

  • KontrolFreek Creators Program - This is design for content creators and social influencers. If you are constantly grinding out gaming-themed YouTube video, Twitch/Mixer streams and social content, this program is for you. Apply here:


  • KontrolFreek Esports Ascenders - This program is specifically designed for current and aspiring esports professionals. So if you are a part of a clan or esports organization that is looking to partner with one of the top brands in esports, Esports Ascenders is the place to be! Apply here:

Each program has its own set of criteria to be accepted, so please be sure to check refer to each individual application for those details. Once you have applied, you should see a response within 1-2 weeks.

Thank you for considering KontrolFreek as a partner, and we look forward to working with you soon! 💜💚

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