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What Controllers are Grips Compatible with?

For our Performance Grips and compatibility with controllers, please refer to the following information:


Current Gen:

Series X|S: Our current Xbox One Performance Grips ARE compatible with the new Xbox Series X|S Controllers.
PS5: Our current PS4 Performance Grips ARE NOT compatible with the new PS5 controllers, but we're working on an updated version.

Don't worry though - we're working hard to make PS5 Performance Grips available to the public ASAP! Please check our social media, as we'll announce them as soon as they are available there. 😃​



Older Gens:

Xbox One and PS4:

Currently, Grips are specially designed to fit perfectly on Xbox One and Playstation 4 OEM controllers.

Xbox 360 Controllers:

The Xbox One Grips can be put on the Xbox 360 controller, though they are designed for the Xbox One controller and will not fit perfectly.  

PlayStation 3 Controllers:

There are currently no Grips available that fit on the PS3 controller.

Scuf Controllers:

The Xbox One Grips will fit on Scuf Xbox One controllers and will not affect the use of paddles.  The PS4 Grips will fit on Scuf PS4 controllers and will not affect the use of paddles.

For our up-to-date compatibility guide, click the following link:

We strive to listen to our customers and adapt our product line to suit their needs, so keep leaving us feedback and we'll keep listening!

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